Bethel E. Baptist Church in the Longstreet community of Elbert County was once known as Beaverdam Church. It was granted a separate existence by Vans Creek Baptist Church in August 1829. It was organized at a place known as Childers Meeting House near Pearl Mill. The first pastor was Rev. James Davis who served for twelve years.


Bethel has been in three locations: first, on the east side of Beaverdam Creek; later, on the west side of Beaverdam Creek; and finally, in the present location. The present sanctuary was erected in 1917-18. Members contributed the labor and lumber for the new building. The stalwart white sanctuary stood on a hill along the road most traveled from Petersburg to the very new town of Elberton. In 1948 while the beloved Rev. J.C. West was minister a much-needed Sunday school annex was added with all modern facilities. In 1968 the weather-worn white plank siding was covered with brick. In 1999 a multi-purpose building (Fellowship Center) was built to accommodate the growing needs and ministry of the church.


Bethel has a rich spiritual heritage, filled with glories of yesterday, conscious of the opportunities of today and awake to a vision of an enlarged tomorrow in its service to others.